Katy Trail Gifts and Merchandise

Nearly 240 miles long, the Katy Trail spans nearly the full width of the state of Missouri.  Get the Katy Trail design printed on all these inexpensive gifts and merchandise.  Katy Trail Gifts are the Perfect Birthday or Holiday Gifts for: bicyclists that ride this trail frequently, bikers that have rode this trail in the past or bicycle riders that have this trail on their bucket list. Get your very own Katy Trail Swag today! We've also added other Bike Swag you might find interesting.

Bike Trail Gifts and Merchandise
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Katy Trail: Trail Towns
Some of the cities and towns that are located on or near the trail include: Clinton MO, St. Lousi MO, Windsor MO, Sedalia MO, Boonville MO, Claysville MO, Wilton MO, Defiance MO, Marthasville MO